Policies I live by are honesty, clarity, and tolerance.  My leadership always brings teams back to work with me.  I earned a BFA in Creative Producing from Chapman University where I became a top producer of my graduating class of 2020.  I began my professional career in Los Angeles as a Production Designer, working with clients such as Sephora, The A\V Crew, and Trisha Paytas.
I became a Junior Producer at RPA, producing commercials for RPA’s clients Honda and Pocky.  I supervised Casting for Pocky commercials, coordinated with our casting agent and talent to administer casting guidelines, start paperwork, and payroll.  Organization comes second nature with my day to day, updating production folders and taking detailed notes.
In post production, I have executed voice over recording sessions for AMPM.  Additionally, I have supervised post projects for Honda, meeting deadlines and post-budgets with accuracy. I also produced the RPA podcast “Clear the Air” linking editors, creatives, and talent.  I am experienced with overlapping departments and know how to keep a flow of communication.  
Simultaneously, I manage social media accounts for Drag Queen, Skunky Sweet, and two drag productions.  I research social media trends and strategies to cultivate audience engagement.  I am proficient with Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and X.  I also am well versed in Microsoft Office, Google Workspace, Zoom, Mac, Outlook, and Adobe.  I efficiently operate in high-pressure scenarios, and am able to maintain professionalism while wearing many hats.  
(407) 797-0299
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